Luxury Storage Units

Luxury Garage Condos in Central Oklahoma

When you own a Garage Condo, you aren’t merely “storing stuff,” you’re giving yourself space to experience the passion that goes into your hobbies or your business. Garage Condos are the perfect solution for your classic cars, boats, RVs and other gear too big to store – and maintain - at your home. Our 86,000 square feet of high-end, climate-controlled facility provide the safety and security you expect, combined with the customization and community that make owning a Garage Condo unique.

An Answer for today... an asset in the future

With a Garage Condo you get exactly what you need. You design it. You own it. As the owner, you have complete flexibility in customizing your space for your unique purposes. And, if your needs change, you can alter your space without needing to find a new one and deal with the hassles of locking yourself into a new lease. A Garage Condo is your investment, your asset. If you choose to sell it in the future, YOU keep any appreciated value.

Virtual Unit of a Garage Condo of Oklahoma

Why Garage Condos of Oklahoma?

  • Central & Accessible Location
  • Exclusive Access to the GCO Owner's Lounge and Perks
  • It's Affordable & Highly Customizable
  • It's an Asset that You Own
  • Extensive Property Amenities are Included

You Design It. You Own It.

Your Garage Condo reflects your personality and passion ─ because you customize it to fit your needs

The Only Place in Oklahoma To Own Your Luxury Garage Condo

Garage Condos of Oklahoma are the first to bring this concept to our area – an area where people are passionate about their classic cars, boats, RVs, racing teams and more. The need for convenient, climate-controlled, customizable working and storage space is real, and Garage Condos of Oklahoma exceeds expectations.

What Makes Garage Condos Of Oklahoma Better Than The Rest?

Every Garage Condo is climate controlled and wired for electricity, internet and cable. Extensive property amenities are included. Those amenities alone make a Garage Condo a better option than most. More importantly, Garage Condos are about more than “storage.” Garage Condos of Oklahoma is a community – one of shared passions and unique spaces to conduct business or pursue your hobbies. We’re conveniently located within 30 minutes of anywhere in the OKC metro.

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