Why Buy vs. Rent a Luxury Storage Unit

car in luxury storage unit

At Garage Condos of OK, our luxury storage units are for sale – not for rent. Our units are for sale not to limit the potential buyer, but to give them more options and freedom to pursue their passions through Garage Condo ownership.

There are many reasons why owning a Garage Condo is more beneficial than renting. Read on to learn how buying a Garage Condo can open doors – literally – for you to expand your passion and potentially make a profit.

Owning a Garage Condo of OK is an Investment

“When you purchase a Garage Condo, you are creating an asset for yourself,” Garage Condos of OK CEO Chris Carllson said. “Everyone wants to accumulate assets. When you rent, you are essentially throwing your money away. When you buy, you’ve added another asset to your wheelhouse.”

Because your Garage Condo is owned, if you ever decide to sell, you could potentially make a profit on the unit. Purchasing a Garage Condo is an investment – your payments will be predictable and the potential to make a profit in the future is advantageous to the buyer.

car collector

Owned Luxury Storage Units are Customizable

When you own a Garage Condo of OK, you also own the ability to customize it however you’d like to fit your personal style. The ability to customize turns an empty luxury storage unit into an upscale man cave, giving you the ability to reflect your style, add comfort, entertain, and properly store your vehicles, RVs, and collector’s items.

Garage Condo customization options include wall textures, adding an inner balcony, additional lighting, and new flooring.

You Have Complete Control and Security of Your Collector’s Items

After investing in high-end collector’s items like cars, boats, or RVs, you need to ensure they are being stored to your exact specifications. Owning a Garage Condo gives you the ability to store your collectables at a specific temperature, with top-of-the-line security, and you get to decide who can access them – not a landlord or property owner. When you own a luxury condo, you call the shots to provide the ultimate protection and care for your passion.

Being a member of the exclusive Garage Condos of OK community is an investment – an investment in your life, and an investment in your passion. To learn more about how owning a luxury condo for you and your collectables can serve as the ultimate asset, visit our FAQ page or contact us today. 

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