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Owner's Clubhouse Parking Area

Garage Condos

Storage units and garages—they’re functional, practical and necessary. But what if they were destinations in their own right? That’s the idea at Garage Condos of Oklahoma (GCO), a new concept being built in Edmond.

Located at 3200 Technology Dr., Garage Condos maximizes the benefits of traditional self-storage by giving people the ability to own their unit. These condo units can be used to store motorhomes, boats, cars, and other personal belongings, or they can be designed into the ultimate workshop or ‘man cave.’ Each unit is plumbed, has electricity, is climate-controlled and ready to be built out to meet your needs. Starting at 600 square feet, floor plans and pricing vary.

Some may choose a basic model used primarily for storage, but customization options are endless. “People can do with it what they want,” said Chris Carllson, the developer and owner of GCO. “They can put up sheetrock, they can build mezzanines, they can put a kitchen in, they can put a bathroom in.” 

Having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, Carllson recognized a need for spaces like GCO. “My family has a large motorhome, and there’s no place around us that has climate-controlled storage. We ended up having to rent an industrial building that’s larger than what we needed, just so we could have a climate-controlled environment,” Carllson said. “As I did more and more research, I realized there were a lot of people in the same boat I was.”  

Keeping in mind Oklahoma’s fickle weather, Carllson said that many want to keep their large vehicles out of the elements. “You don’t want to have these high-end motorhomes with frozen pipes,” he said. Others, such as boat owners, might want to keep their vessels protected to prevent vinyl from cracking. Climate-control can also safeguard the upholstery and wooden surfaces in classic cars. 

For those who would rather not waste hundreds of dollars a month renting storage spaces, ownership is now an option. “We took it to the next step, and we made it something where you’re going to be able to own the space so it becomes an appreciating asset,” Carllson said. 

The GCO development features reinforced concrete flooring and wide aisles for motorhomes and low-profile collector cars. The community facility is gated and has secure access for unit owners.

Garage Condos owners will also have access to a shared clubhouse with a full kitchen, private conference room and two restrooms. The complex will eventually include a total of six buildings and 85 units, Carllson said. 

In addition to storage, Carllson said that the development provides a possible solution to another market problem. “There’s just not a lot of for-sale space under 5,000 square feet,” he said. GCO will also include units for sale for professionals interested in owning their small business space, rather than leasing or renting. 

“We’re all going to own them together,” said Carllson of GCO’s communal aspect.

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