Garage Condos of OK FAQ

Your Garage Condos of OK Questions, Answered.

When are Garage Condos available?

Garage Condos of Oklahoma are still under construction but are expected to be available in the early fourth quarter of 2017.

What is the cost? 

Prices begin at $70,000 and will depend on the size and shape of your Garage Condo.

How do you finance a Garage Condo?

Garage Condos of Oklahoma can be financed with one of our preferred lenders, or through your own institution. The loan typically begins with a 20 percent down payment, 4.5- 7.25 percent interest, and lasts five years with a 20-year amortization schedule. 

For more information on how much to expect in mortgage costs, view our financing calculator.

Where are they located?

Garage Condos of Oklahoma are conveniently located in Edmond, Oklahoma, off of the Broadway Extension and 33rd Street.

How can a Garage Condo be customized?

Because each unit is owned, you can create the ultimate storage unit with water, heat, and security. Walls and flooring can be installed in your space, and the appearance can be changed to fit your personal style.

When can you access your Garage Condo?

Members of GCO’s community have 24/7/365 access to their Garage Condos and to the Condo’s clubhouse.

Is there security?

GCO is a private, gated community that requires keypad entry, along with 24/7/365 video perimeter surveillance. Each owner will be able to install their own private security system as well.

Can you live in one?

GCO restricts owners from living in their condos, due to HOA laws.

How is this different than renting?

By purchasing a Garage Condo, you have the freedom to truly own your space - giving you the ability to make it completely yours and to customize it as such. Additionally, owning a Garage Condo can serve as an incredible financial asset as the value of the unit will appreciate over time - becoming an investment you’ll be proud to own.

For more information on purchasing a Garage Condo of OK, contact us today.